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PFM Racing Would Like To Thank:

PFM Racing could not be what we are or where we are without the help of our very special friends.

   Matt Miller – Matt is always willing to lend a hand or more importantly parts off of his street 240SX when we are at the track and things aren’t going just right. He has been a part of every vehicle that has come out of the shop for coming on three years. We appreciate all of his help and his great attitude. Matt has great ideas and is willing to work. We think that he will be a great engineer when he graduates!

   Erica Bass – Erica has been more than just a help in the shop, she has been a great friend. She has helped us on many a weekend to build or prepare a number of cars. More importantly, at the track she is willing to do anything without complaint. Without her help the 240 may never have gotten done. We appreciate all that she has done for us.

   Jim Stevens – Jim has brought the fun back to racing for us at PFM. He has such a love of the sport and more importantly understands that there is more to racing than cars. Going to Memphis will never be the same…

   Pete Knese – Without Pete this website would not exist. Pete does an excellent job of keeping the site current and beautiful. Pete’s car is the prettiest car to have come out of the shop and for that we thank him. Pete loves racing almost as much as he loves his daughter. The float trip would be no fun without him.

   Curt Weilandich – Without AFI Automotive, none of the PFM cars would not have exhaust. Curt is always there when we need him and he is always willing to drop whatever he is doing to lend a hand, be it on a car or even on the house! Curt is right now in the process of finishing his ITC Honda Civic, we hope to be able to get him on the track this year.

   Le’Ann Weilandich – Le’Ann is the Queen of stripping off undercoating. She is responsible for removing many, many pounds of the disgusting stuff. Her help is invaluable. She always brings food to the track so that we don’t starve! Thanks, Le’Ann!

   Doug Warner – What can we say about Doug? Doug is Mr. Detail. His wiring is a work of art and his attention to detail in everything that he does is part of why PFM cars are what they are. Doug’s employer, Suntrup Nissan, sells us Nissan parts at a deep discount. Way to go Doug!

   Wesley Grayson – Wes has been very helpful and is the resident liability consultant. Without him, the lawsuits would just roll in. Wes is always willing to help and will dig right in without complaint. We wouldn’t want to do it without you.

   We at PFM Racing know that without the support of our friends we would not be where we are and more importantly we would not have nearly as much fun. Thanks to everyone we race with, to all of the workers and to everyone who loves racing!